Minister of the Ukraine visits Brazil and knows installations of the binational Alcantara Cyclone Space Brazilian Socialist party - PSB

21/05/2008 - 18:00

The minister of the Space National Agency of the Ukraine, Yuriy Alexeyev, was in Brazil this week to know the installations of the binational company Alcantara Cyclone Space (ACS), with headquarters in Brasilia. The company, inaugurated in 5 of December of 2007, is resulted of Treated to Cooperation of Long Stated period, signed between Brazil and Ukraine in October of 2003.

In meeting in this Wednesday (21/05) with the director-generality of the Brazil part of the ACS, Robert Amaral, the director-generality of the Ukraine part, Oleksandr Serdyuk, and with the president of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), Carlos Ganem, the Alexeyev minister was informed on the course of the works for the launching of the Cyclone-4 rocket in 2010, from Alcantara, in the Maranhao.

The launching will be made of the Space Cetro of Alcantara, in initial phase of implantation. Construction of CEA, space modern and that it allows the occupation of small farms for private companies who develop space projects, foresees investments in education, health and programs of professional qualification to use the local man power.

The director-generalities of the binational company had informed the ucraniano minister who the meeting of the Advice of the ACS, in June, in Kiev, in the Ukraine, will have to approve the magnifying of the capital of the company of 105 million dollar for 375 million. What it confirms the good agreement between the parts and the will to develop other joint projects. The rocket will take useful loads (satellites) to gravitate around the Land. The general director of the ACS for the ucraniana part, Oleksandr Serdyuk, informed that for the first launching, in 2010, that is of qualification, the Cyclone-4 will be taking the scientific satellite Nano, constructed for the Laboratory of Intelligent Space Systems of the University of Tokyo. gThis is a reliable test in our serviceh, commemorates Serdyuk.

The area where if it locates the Space Center of Alcantara is in geographic position privileged, next to the line to the Equator, what it diminishes the cost of the missions, and, with this, will be possible that more than one room of the launchings of rockets and satellites of the world passes to be made in Brazil. To dominate this technology means development, mainly, in the areas of Science and Technology.