Nano-JASMINE Satellite to be Launched by Cyclone-4 Rocket from Brazil

University of Tokyo, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Alcantara Cyclone Space and SOO Yuzhnoye have signed an MOU that outlines plans for cooperation on launching Nano-JASMINE Satellite by Cyclone-4 Launch Vehicle from Brazil. They reached basic agreement that Cyclone-4 will launch Nano-JASMINE as one of its piggyback satellites on its maiden flight from Alcantara launch site in Brazil.

Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory of University of Tokyo, Japan and JASMINE Project Office of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan have been cooperatively developing an Infra-red Astrometry Satellite "Nano- JASMINE". The Nano-JASMINE is a 20kg, 50cm cubic, three axis stabilized satellite for an Infrared Astronomical Mission. The satellite will provide precise 3D mapping of positions and velocities of stars with an accuracy of 1 milli-arcsecond in infrared region. This satellite will also demonstrate new technologies including precise attitude and thermal control (1 arecsec and 0.1 deg K).

The professor Nakasuka of Tokyo University said, "We have challenging scientific and engineering mission objectives to be achieved by a 20kg nano-satellite with very limited funding. Nano-Jasmine will demonstrate how such a low cost nano-satellite can realize significant space science missions, opening a new way of space development and utilization. This launch will provide special educational opportunities for university students and researchers to develop and build such a challenging satellite by themselves, and to launch it from Brazil by the Cyclone-4 launch vehicle as an international team."

The Alcantara Cyclone Space Binational Company, the launch operator, was created by the Treaty between Ukraine and the Federative Republic of Brazil on Long-term Cooperation in Utilization of the Cyclone 4 Launch Vehcle at the Alcantara Launch Center. The modified Cyclone-4, able to inject up to 5,300kg of payload into LEO and 1,600 kg into GTO, will enter into operation in mid-2010, and will be used for launching payloads in the interests of the space programs of Uklaine and Brazil, as well as commercial clients.

In front of the Cyclone-4 launch vehicle.(2008/2) (C)SDO:Yuzhnoye
Nano-JASMINE satellite will be launched into a Sun Synchronous Orbit by Cyclone-4 Vehicle in 2010.