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Meeting will start at 9:30AM in every day.(New!)

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Abstract of LL's lecture

Title:Astrometry and the measurement of stellar distances

Astrometry, that is the accurate measurement of positions, motions, and distances of astronomical objects, is one of the oldest branches of science but a vigorous part of contemporary observational astrophysics thanks to advanced techniques such as space observatories and radio interferometry. I will briefly review the history of astrometry and describe some current uses and techniques, with focus on stellar distance determination using trigonometric parallax. While today only a few hundred stellar distances are known to better than 1 per cent accuracy, this will radically improve in the coming years following the launch in October 2013 of the European Space Agency's Gaia satellite.


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May 1st May 2nd AM May 3rd AM
All except SY All members LL's lecture All members All except NG

Local information(New!)

You will find weather information in the web page.

Only DM will go to Tokyo after meeting. I will explain how to go to Tokyo at Kyoto.

Access to Kyoto University

If you need help, pelase do not hesitate to ask me(YY).

Choice of the flight is completely up to you. The below is only for your information.

Access to Kyoto

Use KIX(Kansai International Airport) is most convenient. There are direct flight from/to Helsinki, Frankfurt, Koln, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milano, Rome, and Istanbul.

From KIX, it takes about 80min to Kyoto Station by Haruka superexpress. The train station of KIX has operations of JR and NANKAI, and these have different gate and different ticket. Haruka superexpress is JR train. For the operation of 19:16 and 20:16 , Kyoto station is not terminal. In other operaions, Kyoto station is terminal station. Time table is here (Sorry, Japanese. Time table at Kansai airport bound for Kyoto in week day. Not fixed yet, red one is Haruka Super express). Also limthin bus is available.

If you choose to Narita International Airport(NRT), you will use domestic connection to Osaka. If the domestic connection at NRT is available, it is also recomended. In that case, you can choose both Osaka Itami Airport (ITM) or KIX. From ITM, limthin bus operation to Kyoto city is available and it takes 55min. Instruction and Time talbe are here. You spend less time than from KIX.

Other options also exist but is not recommended.

There are few operations of domestic connection at Narita airport. The time table of May is still not fixed, but on Jan, there are only 4 operations, 16:55(ANA), 16:55(JAL), 17:55(ANA), and 18:30(JAL) to ITM, and 3 operations 6:15, 12:00, 21:05 to KIX. Sometimes you are required from travel company to use the domestic flight from Haneda airport(HND). There are 30 operations per day from HND to ITM, and 10 operations to KIX. In that case, you can use limthin bus from NRT to HND and it takes about 65 - 85 min. But due to trafic jam, sometimes bus delays. So, I am not recommned this case. Please schedule with enough time.

Arriving to Narita and ground transportation to Kyoto station is also available but will be complecated for foreign visitor. There are several local trains. Choose Narita express to Tokyo Station. If you choose Keisei sky liner, you need change train. When you buy the ticket, and when you change the train at the tokyo station, English is sometimes unavailable. From Tokyo station to Kyoto station, it takes about 13000 JPY and 2 hours and 20 min in Shinkansen train. There are too many operations and sometimes foreign visitor get wrong train.

The below information is for DM. If you want to visit the University of Tokyo and/or National Astronomical Observatory after the discussion at Kyoto, you will arrive at ITM or KIX via domestic connection of Narita airport, and return from Narita. Using airplane from Kyoto to Tokyo is not convenient, especially Narita. In that case, domestic connection is not automatically included to the international flight, but you will be able to negociate to the airline company, and possibly free. Free means the ticket to ITM or KIX (one way) is the same price as that to Narita. Please try. If it is not available, Narita to ITM or KIX is available about 100 Euro when early booking before 55 days. Usual price is about 300 Euro.

From Kyoto Station to Hotel

Your Hotel is beside the subway. From JR Kyoto station (= subway Kyoto station K11) to KarasumaOike station(K08), 250 JPY. It is about 150m from exit 6 of KarasumaOike station to the Hotel gate. If you use taxi, about 1000JPY and you can arrive directly in front of gate of the Hotel. Japanese taxi driver sometimes cannot speak English. (Taxi fee is 20% different by taxi, so I can not gurantee exact taxi fee.)

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From Hotel to the University

Use subway from KarasumaOike station (K08) to Imadegawa(K06), and change to bus 203. UL knows how to get University. Go out from exit 3, you will find the Bus stop. The place arrow pointed to is the bus stop of Bus 203 to the University. Green is imperial palace.

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After get off the bus, you will get our building with about 5 min walk. The point A is the bus stop, and the point B is our building.

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Accomodation(Last updated at 12/4)

Booking lodgings

It is sightseeing season and is difficult to book the Hotel. Travel agency will block almost all rooms during this season. I have asked our secretary to book your Hotel. Hotel Monterey Kyoto. The hotel is located at city center and more convenient. The hotel is a little bit expensive. 17000JPY + Tax = 19635JPY for single room per night (about 183 Euro). I have booked as table below.


Cancel is available before 3 days of your stay without cancellation fee. After that, you are required some fee. So, if you want to change your plan, please tell me asap.

If you hope Japanese style hotel, we will be able to arrange, but it is more expensive than western style hotel for business. The fee of Japanese style hotel usually includeds dinner, so you cannot join dinner with us at the night you stay Japanese style hotel.

We assume 109JPY/1 euro (rate of Dec 2012) for 19635JPY = 183 Euro, and 153 Euro by using rate 128 JPY/1Euro of 8th Apr 2013.

Meeting Venue


Entrance is open during 8:00 to 18:00.

After 18:00 or before 8:00, and Saturday, Sunday and Holiday, entrance door is locked. You can open door by pushing the button beside the elevaotr from inside. Entering building from the outside, you need escote. I will try to get visitor's entrance card.

Vending machine is available at 1st floor. Coffee is about 100 JPY. Sorry it is expensive than ESAC. (In Japan, there are no ground floor. 1st floor means ground floor in Europe. Zero is discovered at India about 2000 years ago, but still not discovered in Japan.)

Meeting room will be reserved 1 week before the meeting.

Wireless LAN(Updated!)

At the meeting room, EDUROAM can not be used. I will tell you the key of our laboratory wireless LAN. Wired LAN is not available in meeting room.

In the visitor's office, you will be able to use all of EDUROAM, laboratory wireless LAN, and wired LAN.

If you are not affiliated by University and you cannot get EduRoam account, I can get guest temporal account. For getting guest account, please tell us your passport number. Please bring atachement if you use Mac if you want to use wired LAN.


In the visitor's Office (room 530), there are two desks. (sorry) We will try to arrange that staying meeting room will be also available. YY's office is room 534.

Meeting room(New!)

The room 433 is reserved for three days.


In usual Japanese lavatlry, there are no paper towel or air dryers.



Breakfast is not included in Hotel fee. Breakfast is not included. Buffet style breakfast is 2500JPY(23 Euro).

We assume 109JPY/1 euro (rate of Dec 2012) for 2500JPY = 23 Euro, and 20 Euro by using rate 128 JPY/1Euro of 8th Apr 2013.


We consider the university canteen or restaulant near the University. At least one lunch is took at the university cafeteria because LL want to try Natto.


We all JASMINE member want to join dinner with you. Japanese Izakaya (restaulant with alchole and with reasonable price) will be considered. Please tell to YY whether you can join or not from 30/4 to 3/5 dinner. I will reserve previously because it is sightseeing season in Kyoto and will be very crowded.

15th May SK visit

From Hearton Hotel (for Sergei)

You can get Karasumaoike subway station easily. It is the same way from Hotel Monterey. See above

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Abstract of seminar

Title:Testing fundamental physics with space astrometry

Astrometry, being the oldest part of astronomy, experiences a revolution these years: the ESA mission Gaia is about to improve the observational accuracy by 2-3 orders of magnitudes. While this unprecedented accuracy will boost our knowledge in many areas of astrophysics, one should clearly realize the potential of these high-accuracy observations for exploring fundamental physics. After a brief introduction to Gaia, this presentation will discuss a series of tests of fundamental physics planned with Gaia and, more generally, possible with space astrometry missions in general: from a test of the Local Lorentz Invariance to constraints on the energy flux of low-frequency gravitational waves. Demonstrating the strength of space astrometry for testing fundamental physics, we will stress that the proper treatment of systematic errors is crucial for delivering reliable results. This is especially important for the high-precision tests like those of the PPN parameter $\gamma$ (for which an estimate at the level of about $10^{-6}$ is expected from Gaia).